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Werkvrij wanted to have a webshop built in which they could sell their ergonomic sit-stand desks and office chairs. They were looking for a web designer who could build a fast, modern webshop for them. Birdie Design was asked to design and build their webshop.


WordPress Webshop 

webshop ergonomische werkplek


Fast WordPress webshop

The client already had a very clear picture in mind. A requirement for their webshop was speed. They knew that a fast webshop is essential, because a slow website will lose customers. They had also thought out a structure and were looking for someone who would build their webshop with the WordPress theme Astra. I already build most of my websites with this theme, so we were a good match. Birdie Design did have a free hand in the design of the website.

Before I could start building in WordPress, I first designed the website in Adobe XD. This has the advantage that the design is ready before you actually start building the website. This takes less time than changing things in WordPress.

The most challenging part of building this WordPress webshop was the extensive custom sit-stand desk. This is a product that the user can put together himself and where there are many options with corresponding price combinations. This made it impossible to use the “regular” variable product function of WooCommerce. There is a limit to what WooCommerce and WordPress can handle. As a result, we had to switch to a plugin that arranged this in a nice, clear manner. Thanks to the plugin WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Ultimate, it is possible to present this product in a clear manner without sacrificing page speed.

You can see the final result on the right. When I delivered the website the loading time was 1.7 seconds. A good score and a good start to a successful webshop.

Wordpress Webshop gericht op ergonomisch kantoor
Michelle set up a Woocommerce website for us, where she took care of both the design and development. Very pleased with the pleasant cooperation, which is characterized by short communication lines and flexibility to deviate from the original schedule at times when unforeseen problems arose. We are happy with the end result and can therefore recommend the services of Birdie Design to everyone.
webshop ergonomische werkplek
Rob van Logten
Co-owner Werkvrij.nl

Next project

Birdie Design designed a musical logo design, a resume and a WordPress website for countertenor, conductor and vocal educator Jan van Seters.

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