Website maintenance

After your website launch, the work is not done yet. Every website needs maintenance. WordPress, themes and plugins regularly release updates to improve security or to roll out new functions.

Save time and stress and leave the maintenance of your website to me.

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Free premium plugins

I try to use free plugins as much as possible. Nevertheless, various premium plugins are necessary for the development of a WordPress website. Think of a cache plugin for a fast website, Elementor Pro for building a website, a translation plugin, an anti-spam plugin, etc. With a maintenance contact you can use my licenses for free.

A secure website

I pay the necessary attention to the security of your website. I make regular backups. In addition, I install an anti-spam and security plugin. Other measures, such as changing the login link, are also taken. This way you are as well protected as possible against hacks and spam.

Keep your website up to date

I’ll install WordPress, theme and plugin updates for you. I check whether they are safe to install, like for example, compatibility issues. Are there still problems after an update? Then of course I will help you with that!

Uptime monitoring

I keep track of whether your website is still online. This is of course always the case, but sometimes things can go wrong. Is your website suddenly offline? I’ll investigate further!

Content placement

Do you want to regularly post new content? Think, for example, of products for a webshop, a new blog post or other small adjustments to your website. With the premium package I can help you place content on your website for 4 hours every month.


Is something going wrong? Then I’m here for you! I help you solve any problems. I will respond to your support request within 24 hours (excluding holidays and public holidays).

Maintenance contract

I offer my clients a choice of three maintenance packages. These WordPress maintenance  contracts will last a year so that you can have your WordPress website maintained by me. The prices are per month. Maintenance is billed annually.

With the cheapest package you only pay a contribution to the premium plugins. There are often various plugins that you have to pay for, but I often use them myself. This way we both benefit more: you pay less for your paid plugins and I receive a small contribution to the costs of these plugins. Of course this is not mandatory. In that case, you pay for all paid plugins that are necessary for the construction of your website.


Use my licences for premium plugins
10 Per Month
  • Use of premium plugins


Monthly maintenance
59 Per Month
  • Use of premium plugins
  • Thema updates (monthly)
  • Plugin updates (monthly)
  • Back-up (monthly)
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Broken links check (monthly)
  • Security check (monthly)
  • Speed check (every 6 months)


Weekly maintenance & content placement
89 Per Month
  • Use of premium plugins
  • Thema updates (weekly)
  • Plugin updates (weekly)
  • Back-up (weekly)
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Broken links check (weekly)
  • Security check (weekly)
  • Speed check (every 4 months)
  • Content placement (4 hours per month)


No, you can also choose to do your website maintenance yourself.

WordPress maintenance is necessary, but of course you always have the choice whether you want to hire a professional to do this for you. You always have the option to maintain your website yourself.

Major changes to your website, such as new pages (except blog posts) are not included. Redesigns are also not included.

Yes, that is certainly possible. You can also contact me if you need help once. It is therefore not necessary to take out a maintenance package for this. But if you have outsourced maintenance to me, you pay a fixed amount. I charge my hourly rate for one-off help. You are often much cheaper with a maintenance contract.

At the moment this is not (yet) possible. I would like to give you advice about hosting and also help you set it up.

That really depends on the kind of website you have. Does the content on your website change regularly or do you have a complex website? For informative websites, the standard maintenance package will suffice in most cases.

You pay per year. You will receive your invoice every month on a fixed date. You must pay this before the due date.

Feel free to contact me via the contact page. Leave me a message and receive a response within 24 hours. It is also possible to send an app.

Save yourself time and stress

Would you rather not maintain your own website yourself? I am happy to help you with WordPress website maintenance. Contact me for the possibilities.

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