Some logo designs remain unused on our hard drives. Sometimes we design a logo just for fun, simply because it’s our passion. That’s why these logos don’t get a separate page, but we still want to show you the best designs.


Logo design

Geometrisch logo design leeuw
BR monogram logo with crown
Ecophant ecological elephant logo design
Elegant PF monogram logo design
Ecohouse green home house logo design
MFG Monogram logo design
Architect H logo design
DataRocket logo - modern logo ontwerp
strak modern en zakelijk dna en brein logo ontwerp op papier


Most of these logos are unused and that’s why I offer these for a reduced price. This is including small customisations, like adjusting colors and adding you company name. Click on the button below for more information. 

Next project

Werkvrij.nl sells ergonomic sit-stand desks and chairs. I designed and developed their WordPress webshop.

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