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For Swiss start-up Inner Leadership Birdie Design designed a logo, letterhead, business cards and a flyer. We also build their WordPress website and helped them set up a MailChimp email campaign.


Logo design            PowerPoint template
Letterhead              Wordpress website 
Business cards       Email campain
Flyer design            Website maintenance 


A clean logo design that tells a story

Inner Leadership gives seminars in which you can learn to develop your leadership skills. They were looking for a modern and simple logo and corporate identity. The logo shouldn’t be too spiritual and shouldn’t have to much colors. They already had an idea about the design: a left turning spiral with 5 levels which symbolize personal development. Another wish was that he word “Inner” would stand out. The end result is showcased on this page. At first the spiral had the same color as “Inner”, but this was slightly boring. The solution was a subtle gradient which gives the logo a little more depth and sparkle. There are two versions of the logo: one that can be used on a white background and one that be used on a dark background.

Inner Leadership logo design on a black background
Leadership letterhead design

A simple, clean and stylish corporate identity

As for the designs of the letterhead and business cards, they follow the same principal: simple, stylish and clean. 

The PowerPoint template consist of 25 slides. This way the client can decide which slides they want to use and combine. Images can easily be added to the template. 

The flyer is also a template which is mainly used on the website. There are 3 versions for each seminar.

A multilingual WordPress website

For the website it was their wish that they could easily add and edit the content themselves. Of course the website has the same style as the rest of their identity: clean, simple and modern. We choose to use WordPress to build their website, because of the ease of adding and editing content, plus it’s relatively easy to use. The result is a website that is clear and easy to use. An added challenge was that the website had to be multilingual. Thanks to the use of the plugin Polylang this wasn’t a problem.
Inner Leadership liked our work so they decided they wanted Birdie Design to also do the maintenance of their website. We make sure that their website stays safe, create a back-up every week, check for broken links and test updates for the plugins and theme before we update the live website. Click here to see the website of Inner Leadership.

Last but not least we helped them with setting up an email campaign with MailChimp. We designed a template and made it ready to send. Thanks to our instruction manual they can now set up and send their email campaigns on their own.

inner leadership wordpress website
Inner Leadership - Visitekaartjes ontwerp
Inner Leadership - Flyer ontwerp
I needed a logo, identity and website for my new business Inner Leadership. I found Birdie Design through an internet search. I only have good experiences with them. They're very competent, work fast, are professional and really think along with you. Within two months we had a website with two languages. I can highly recommend Birdie Design!
Inner Leadership Logo Ontwerp op Donker Papier
Chantalle Moerker
Owner Inner Leadership

Next project

For Innovesta I designed a modern and clean logo design, a chic and elegant business card and a PowerPoint template.

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