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This real estate website a fun, unofficial project I just did for myself. I wanted to play a bit with the Bootstrap framework. I was pretty happy with the result and decided to show it off in my portfolio. 



Harper Real Estate - Webdesign & Development


A modern real estate website design

This project is a fun, onofficial project which I did for myself to learn more about the newest version of Bootstrap. I designed the website in Photoshop (this was before I started using Adobe XD for my website designs).

This website is aimed at real estate agents. The design is modern and clean. Photography is of course very important for a realtor website so it’s front and center in this website.

The website is coded with Bootstrap. Bootstrap is a framework, some sort of foundation, upon which you can built responsive websites. This means the website is mobile ready which is of course very important nowadays. Added bonus is that Bootstrap provides styled components, like for example validation feedback with a contact form. The website is also built with HTML5, CSS3 and javascript. I’m also using animate.css. This is a css library which allows you with a small piece of code to make simple animations on your website without making your website heavy and slow like javascript would do.

Below you’ll see a couple of mock ups of the design and the entire design of the homepage. Curious to see the whole, functioning website? Click on the button below to check out the live website.

Realtor webdesign homepage

Next project

For Dutch ladies ensemble Joyfull Voices Birdie Design designed a musical logo and a flyer.

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