On this page you can find the disclaimer formulated by Birdie Design. This disclaimer lets you know under which restriction the information on this website is offered.

Intellectual Property
The use of information on this website is free as long as you don’t copy, distribute or in any way misuse the information. 

Without a written permission from Birdie Design it is not allowed to use text, photo material or other material on this website. Intellectual property belongs to Birdie Design. 

No guarantee on correctness
The prices mentioned on this website are used as a guideline. Faults and errors are never a motive to claim or assume a contract or agreement with Birdie Design.

Birdie Design strives for an up-to-date website. If the information on this site is incorrect despite my efforts Birdie Design can’t be hold accountable.

The information and/or products offered on this website are without any guarantee or claim to correctness. Birdie Design has the right to change these materials, to delete or publish them again without any notice. Birdie Design is not accountable for any information on the websites which I link to through hyperlinks.

If this disclaimer changes you will find the most recent version on this page.

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