Start-up Handelsonderneming Dickie buys and sells pallets. Birdie Design designed their logo and corporate identity. They wanted the logo to be clean, modern and fresh. Even though it wasn’t a requirement, Dickie thought that it would be nice if the logo had some kind of link to a (wooden) pallet.


Logo design             Letterhead
Business cards        Envelope  

Logo design on wood


A fresh, abstract logo design

The logo design combines all of the requirements. It is clean, modern, fresh and there is an abstract link to a pallet. The squares symbolize stacked pallets. Inside the squares or pallets is a nice mongram with their initials. The color combination of dark grey and green gives the logo a fresh look. 

Dickie Logo design & corporate identity
modern and abstract business cards design

A modern corporate identity

With the corporate identity we further explored this style. The abstract pallet mark is added to the letterhead as a watermark. The lines of the pallets are also used in every element of their corporate identity. 

They didn’t want their letterhead and envelopes to be too white so we placed their logo on a dark grey background and used the green lines to brighten it up a bit. Since Dickie thought the letterhead was still a bit too white we choose to use the back of the letterhead and give it a dark grey color. Of course the lines of the pallets are also used on the back of the letterhead. 

envelop design
modern letterhead design
HD monogram logo design

Next project was looking for a new logo. Birdie Design designed a sunny logo for them.

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